Merry Christmas !

I’d like to address to everyone my hearty greeting of Christmas and to share with you all our joy of the Nativity.

Jesus has shown us the example to follow in His absolute fidelity to God’s will. And we know the supreme commandment of our Lord : “As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (Jn 13,34). So tells us Saint Paul also : “the one who loves another has fulfilled the law” (Rm 13,8), and “love is the fulfilling of the law” (Rm 13,10).

This love with which and in which Jesus loves us excludes no one. He discriminates no one. For His love is all-inclusive, as Pope Francis emphasized in his morning homily of the 5th November this year : “Christ unites. He makes unity. By his sacrifice on Calvary He made it so that all people are included in salvation. (...) the Lord includes.”

This ending year 2015 has been a very significant one for me, Luke S. Ogasawara, for I started this activity of “LGBT Catholics Japan” with my friend Peter T. Miyano and some other friends of mine I don’t name here publicly.

If we are pro-LGBT Catholic activists now, it is ironically due to some Catholics who are judging and discriminating LGBT people. What those anti-LGBT obscurantists are telling in the name of the Catholic Church is absolutely opposite to Jesus’ commandment of love. So we cannot help proclaiming His all-inclusive love publicly not only to those who suffer discrimination and exclusion because of their sexuality, but also to the entire Japanese society which won’t cease to turn a deaf ear to the Gospel.

Fortunately we met some priests who are not conservative legalists but who have Christocentric faith as Pope Francis do. They are sharing with us firm opposition to any possible discrimination and all-loving inclusiveness regardless of sexuality in the Catholic Church.

Contrary to Jesus who includes, said Pope Francis in the above mentioned homily, “when we pass judgement on a person, we create exclusion. (...) we remain in our little group and we are selective, and this is not Christian.” While “God has included everyone in salvation, (...) we, with our weaknesses and our sins, with our envy and jealousy, always have this attitude of excluding which can end in war.”

So we pray with the Pope to ask for “the grace to be men and women who always include, who never close the door, but have an open heart to anyone.”

To conclude this Christmas reflection, I’d like to make some remarks on possible solidarity of LGBT activists with feminists.

The term “sexism” means usually a discrimination men do and have against women. But we can call sexism any discrimination based on sexuality. When LGBT people are discriminated or excluded because of their sexuality, it’s also a kind of sexism.

I’d like to name what makes the structure of sexism “male totalitarianism”. Heterosexual men considering themselves “normal human being” are forming a set (in mathematical sense), that is, a totality which excludes any element not belonging to it : for example, women and LGBT people.

Not to extend here detailed discussions, I’d like only to remark that male totalitarianism defines all kinds of discrimination (racism, discrimination against handicapped people, etc.), and that it makes also the fundamental structure of political totalitarianism.

LGBT activists and feminists can be solidary with each other in our battle against this male totalitarianism which constitutes the principal Evil opposing to the all-inclusive love of God.

Now, under its appearances of liberal democracy, Japan is in fact a totalitarian society with its marked sexism, xenophobia, ultranationalism and indifference to social injustice. Therefore God tells us all the more to proclaim His all-inclusive love in Japan to do away with any kind of discrimination.

Let’s pray the Lord for a renewed courage to undertake our missions in the coming year 2016.


Joyeux Noël ! 主の御降誕の喜びを,皆さんと分かち合いたいと思います.


「わたしがあなたたちを愛したように,あなたたちも互いを愛しなさい」 (Jn 13,34).


2015年は,わたし,小笠原晋也にとって,とても有意義な年でした.この LGBT カトリック・ジャパンの活動を,宮野亨さん,ならびに,お名前をここに公表しない幾人かの友人と共に,始めることができたのですから.

わたしたちが今こうして pro-LGBT Catholic activist であり得るのは,皮肉にも,LGBT の人々を断罪し,排除するカトリック信徒たち幾人かのおかげです. 彼らは,カトリックの名のもとに,主の愛の教えに反する言辞を弄している:たとえ彼らが多数ではないとしても,この現実を見過ごすことは,わたしたちには不可能でした.

幸い,小宇佐敬二神父様をはじめ,わたしがこの問題に関して相談することのできた神父様たちは皆,Francesco 教皇と同様,律法中心主義ではなく,キリスト中心主義にもとづいて,如何なる差別にも如何なる排除にも反対し,どのような sexuality の人をも教会に迎え入れたい,という御意見を表明してくださいました.

Internet で目にとまった LGBT に関するさまざまな記事を読むうちに,最も重要な key word に気づきました : inclusive. その派生語は inclusiveness, inclusivity です.

inclusion は,当然ながら,exclusion [排除]や discrimination [差別]の反意語です.しかし,排除や差別の反意語として日本語で日常的に使われている簡潔な表現はありません.そこで,include を「包容する」と訳したいと思います.

「包容」こそ,神の愛をその全的な包容力において差ししるす語として,キリスト教の key word となるべきです.神の愛は,あらゆる者を包容します.誰をも差別せず,誰をも排除しません.

さて,sexism [性差別]という表現は,通常,男が女性を差別することを指します.しかし,sexuality [性本能]にもとづく差別をすべて「性差別」と呼ぶとすれば,LGBT の人々に対する差別も性差別です.


ともあれ,性差別に対する闘いにおいて,フェミニストと LGBT activist は連帯することができます.

ところで,性差別の構造を作り出しているものは何か? わたしはそれを male totalitarianism [男全体主義,男性全体主義]と名づけたいと思います.

heterosexual な男たちは,自分たちを「ノーマルな人間」と規定し,ひとつの全体を形成しています.そして,その集合に属さない者をすべて差別します.男全体主義は,性差別のみならず,障碍者差別や人種差別など,あらゆる差別の元凶です.そして,政治的な全体主義の根本構造でもあります.

フェミニストと LGBT activist の共通の敵は,男全体主義です.そして,男全体主義は,神の全包容的な愛に対する抵抗として,キリスト教にとっても克服されるべき悪です.